Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Microcosm of a Half Bath

So, I've finally at least come close to finishing the half bath, which is off of my kitchen. (I closed on my house on December 15, 2005, and have been working on it pretty much nonstop ever since.) As I was putting in the few finishing touches yesterday, I realized how much of the stuff had come from the trash. I got this cool chrome cup holder with the hook out of the swap shop at my favorite dump in Nottingham, NH. (The same day, I got a perfectly good pair of new scissors out of the metal dumpster. Good thing, since I like to have scissors everywhere, easily accessible. My sister Julie says I get this trait from our maternal grandmother.) The antique linen hand towel came from the Molly Root House (MRH), an estate I got to pick over, and to which I'll have to devote an entire post someday. But look for other MRH treasures in future posts. I found the middle of the towel and attached a small loop of rick-rack (found in my vast collection of vintage rick-rack) so I could make use of the hook on the cup holder, and so guests don't have to mess up the nicely ironed towels, seen below. This light came from a local junk store for a mere $2 and I don't remember where exactly I got the shaving mirror, which I've had kicking around for a while, but I'm sure it came from some thrift store. But I think my favorite thing in this little room is this cool chrome towel rack. I remember very clearly finding it in a trash pile in front of a house down the street from my last apartment. I polished it up yesterday with an sos pad before putting it up. That was all it needed. I think that it is so lovely in any case, but remebering finding it in the trash makes it perfect!

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