Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Art Using Recycled Materials

A while back, I posted about some art that really caught my eye at Artesprit. As I said, I liked it not just because it was lovely, but because it reused old materials, namely pages from old books. Well, while in Cheltenham recently, I spotted this piece in a gallery, which had done something similar, only this time with the front page from a newpaper.At first you might not quite notice the front page lying behind the painting, but then you see it in the corners especially: This piece is by Akash Bhatt, and was on display at Martin's Gallery in Cheltenham Spa, in the Cotswold region of England.


Robinson said...

I have a friend who uses newspaper as her medium.


Her newer work also uses newspaper but she's branched out into other articles of clothing.

Celeste said...

Thanks - very interesting stuff. I'm going to post about it now.

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