Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another Item from the Trash

Sometimes I think of my house as a small scale Humane Society for lost or abandoned things. I take them home, clean them up a little if need be, give them temporary shelter, and then try to find them a permanent home. Take this little lamp for example: I found it in the trash back in the Fall. When I first spied it, on top of a recycling container, I immediately thought "must be broken or something, but maybe the cord will be worth salvaging". But when I got up to it, I saw that there was not a single thing wrong with it - it even had its light bulb. So, I took it home and the next day offered it to a friend, who wanted it, but I held onto it so I could take a picture and post about it. (She has it now.) I really just can't wrap my mind around why someone would just throw it away. Didn't she have a friend who would want it? (I did.) Or couldn't she be bothered to put it in a box with other unwanted items, which, when full, could go to the Salvation Army or some such place? We live in a disposable culture, which is surely going to contribute to our undoing.

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susan said...

that is a great lamp celeste!
our gallery is located in downtown rochester, next to the courthouse.
our site has directions:
give me a shout by phone or email (both at the site) and i will try and make sure that i am there!
thanks for letting me know you are coming by!