Friday, February 23, 2007

Nice Old Hooks on a Board

Here's another slightly crummy, definitely old, thing I found in my house when I bought it, though this time in the garage, rather than the basement, where I found this dirty old box. This set of hooks on a board was in the garage, where, for all I know, it had been for 100 years, used to hang up the sundry things we keep in our garages. Check out the hooks, aren't they great? And they are all in perfect shape. So, I cleaned it up, both the wood and the hooks, with a wire brush, then I put two coats of polyurethane on both the wood and the hooks. I decided to poly the hooks so that they wouldn't leave rust spots on anything wet that might end up hung on them. I considered painting the hooks black and putting poly on the wood, but decided against it because 1) that would take longer, which would mean that I would get less done that day, and 2) I like the look of the 'raw' iron. Once it was dry, I hung it up next to the shower stall in the back bedroom. I love how the browns of the wall, the wood, and the hooks all complement one another.


lynneguist said...

Very nice, but do you think that the raw iron might rust next to a shower? You don't want to get rust stains on your nice white towels!

Celeste said...

No, that's why I put polyurethane on them, so that my guests can put wet towels on them (or wet anything) without worry.

lynneguist said...

Oh, OK--I misread and thought the polyurethane was on the wood (only). Looks great!

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