Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Terracycle - Reusing Plastic Bottles

My friend Frank recently told me about this company: Terracycle. These guys are making plant food by feeding organic waste to worms and then packaging these gardening products in old soda bottles, which would otherwise enter the waste stream. Pretty clever. Of course what we really need to do is to produce far fewer of these plastic bottles in the first place - reusing just isn't enough of an answer to our waste problems. I also would like to know how much fossil fuels these guys are using to make their products. But in any case, there is some clever thinking going on here.


Robinson said...

That's a good question. Considering they are located in Canada and New Jersey I suspect they have to do a good bit of heating to keep all those worms happy.

dgr said...

You would be surprised how much heat is generated by organic waste. Did you ever see how the inside of a grass pile can actually char.