Friday, September 7, 2007

Would you throw this mug away?

I found this very nice, handmade mug in the trash of the old woman who lives across the street from me. It was still wrapped up in what I took to be its original wrapping paper. Maybe someone gave it to her as a gift. Mugs are a standard issue, generic gift. Which made me wonder why she, or some member of her family, didn't just regift it. What a waste to throw it away!


Canadian said...

I think it's really nice and I would definitely keep it. If I happened to have a surplus of handmade mugs I would donate it to Goodwill.

Celeste said...

A nice mug like this would almost certainly make it onto the shelves of a Goodwill or Salvation Army if donated. But in general, giving things to charities doesn't guarantee that they don't get thrown away. A man I know recently went dumpster diving at our local Salvation Army, and came up with a box full of good kitchen supplies. Charities get so much stuff that they end up just throwing a lot of it away. This means, I would argue, that the only way to really cut down on waste is to make and consume less stuff to begin with.